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As to Our Needs…

The scientist in me wants to write something again and I was reading a couple of very interesting books now, that inspired me… They helped me to define something, that is clear, but we maybe didn´t hear/read it in such a compact form. For example I was reading about the beliefs that we have and this thought resonated in me:

“As Rokeach pointed out, each of us has certain beliefs ranging from those that are primitive and strongly held to those based on authority, which we derive from our social interchanges. These beliefs set cluster and form attitudes, that Rokeach believes fall into two classes – attitudes towards objects or issues and attitudes toward situations.” And in these attitudes also our needs are reflected. We all know about Abraham Maslow´s pyramid of needs (we can see it here in the picture).

ObrázekPersonally I liked also Vance Packard´s Eight “Hidden Needs” (here with some of my notices):

1. Need for Emotional Security – “we are living in one of the most insecure eras in human history”, so we want to be ensured, everything is fine,
2. Need for Reassurance of Worth – especially because we live in a highly competitive and partly impersonal society,
3. Need for Ego Gratification – not only “you are good enough”, but also “you are special, you are the one and only”,
4. Need for Creative Outlets – and uniqueness,
5. Need for Love Objects – if there is not a partnership, it is usually replaced by pets and so on, (why not),
6. Need for a Sense of Power – also in a sense of driving a motorbike on the open road which makes you feel powerful,
7. Need for Roots – especially with increasing our mobility we appreciate to know and feel our roots, our home (it can be the home inside of you, in your soul, sure),
8. Need for Immortality – partially because of our fear of our own mortality, partially because of our need to “leave a trace in the world” – not to die when we die physically.
I am very interested in how you feel about it. What is maybe the most and less important “hidden need” in your life? You can tell me in the comment section or also on Twitter. I am looking forward. Yours Lucie*
(The quotations are from: LARSON, Charles U. 1989: Reception And Responsibility, p. 171. Belmont (California): Wadsworth Publishing Company. and PACKARD, Vance. 1964 (!). The Hidden Persuaders, p. 61-70. New York: Pocket Books.)


A Lesson For Enthusiastic Students

Studying – that is NOT a boring activity and it seems to me a little problematic, that a lot of people still think/feel so. For example also not only a few current university students and their parents, who consider the university studies redundant and tell their children that they should better  “work”. The same opinion is very often shared by their already employed peers or the so-called “really educated” people – those, who don´t have a university degree (or they didn´t appreciate the process how they got it), but they emphasize the “school of life”.

I can partially understand the aversion to academic environment. Some fields of study tried to transform from too theoretical to more practical, but this wasn´t very succesful /in same cases only/. The reason why it didn´t succeed were not the outdated technical parametres of the learning rooms or the rooms itself because of their superficial non-qualities. The main reasons of the flop are mainly the academic. Or to be more specific – their mental and psychosocial settings. Those are the ones who are neither open to new trends, new methods and partially also nor to new people. (I mean to people who are  psychologically and in terms of research oriented some other way than the “classical, usual, non-problematic” ones.)

 Let´s deeply bow in front of the exceptions. And I know some. They bring a bright light into the academic halls, but unfortunately their torch is a little bit lonely…at least in the Czech Republic. Especially talking about the so-called “traditional fields of studies” the changes are very slow and no European project can provide that knowledge becomes skill. Students can be motivated strongly by the teacher´s personality, by pedagogical and psychosocial qualities of a teacher (which can be considered already as an offense at the faculties such as the Faculty of Law, Medicine of Philosophy.  It “smells like” pedagogy, which is “the easiest” and because of that “the worst” field of studies and no “real proffesor” should study this pseudoscience… – but this approach is the real problem.)

If you are enthusiastic as to your studies, but you don´t fit in the academic concept, you have to accept, that you won´t succed in your beloved field the way you dreamed about it before. You have to redefine your dreams, redefine your goals. Let us just be a little more creative. 🙂

Studying shouldn´t be only a life period for the really enthusiastic ones among us. Studying is a type of lifestyle. A lifelong process of self-improvement. Studying of any kind shows us how to understand ourselves and the world better. Take me… I love communication and everything connected to it, I am very interested in spiritual growth (I try and practise different approaches from my childhood due to background in the family), I love dancing…so…should I make just one course in each of these fields and then quit it? NO WAY. So that is the nature of studying…

If you are already crazy for studying, I have a tip how to concentrate better and better.  New surveys verify, that ambient helps. Well, I love this type of music…ambient tunes us to frequencies, that benefit everything connected to concentration. Generally we feel very well whilst listening to any type of (individually) convenient music, because dopamine is released.

So find for example the best ambient for your concentration (I like organic ambient – combining electronic beats and acoustics, psybient – combining ambient and psytrance or nature inspired ambient). I love chillout more than ambient actually, but again – it has to be the right one.

I wish you success in everything you want to achieve in your life. If you have any comments, feel free to write them here or use my Twitter profile. Lucie*

Russell Brand´s Messiah Complex – a different review

Namaste everyone who reads this. It won’t be short, get ready. 🙂 I have come to a point where I realised I just have to write another type of “review” of Russell Brand’s Messiah Complex. I feel that the intended message of this stand-up project is far from the superficial “overdimensional necklace and sexy leather pants”, „posters on the stage being perfectly centred“ or a little bit emptied “he calls for revolution”. (We know.)

I am strongly convinced that instead of describing the venue and content of the show point by point, we should describe and identify our inner show (before,) during and after the Messiah Complex. By the way, I really like the MC abbreviation on Russell’s forehead on the poster – because it also stands for “master of ceremony”. 🙂 We should look deeply into our heart, our soul and see the effects of MC in us. And react, of course.


You know, I hadn’t known Russell till the end of this January much… I also haven’t seen any of his movies yet. I am interested in him as in a personality who shares a lot of my opinions and feelings and has similar type of energy. That attracts me, naturally. So much so that I decided in February (when I found out he’s doing the world tour) that I will buy the ticket and travel from the Czech Republic to Austria to see the show/him. I also involved my friends in Vienna, who helped me. Long story, too, so… lets go to the theatre (cinema) right now.

I am in Gartenbaukino in Vienna, wearing my black dress with fringes, watching everything with curious eyes. Found my seat and I enjoy the music… feeling everything around me – from pure enthusiasm, sexual arousal to almost meditative waiting for the “messiah in person”. All of that I kinda liked and absorbed consciously to get more connected with people around.


And then it starts! The excellent Mr Gee Poet shows his stand-up and poetic skills, his great talent. He brings exactly the energy that one needs before the show to get ready. Down-to-earth in stand-up parts, flying high in the poetic passages. The balance was outstanding.


Then a short break with music that made me partially dance in my seat. Again it was a combination of the dynamic and the gentle – contrasting pieces of music connected by unique strength. The gentle part was a mantra (Triple mantra maybe, which protects from accidents and psychical troubles). I melted in the melody like an ice-cream in warm autumn – slowly, but definitely changing my substance. Present. And down-to earth-staying thanks to great hip hop song(s?).

Suddenly everything changes again, we are hit by a set of visual inputs. Depeche Mode´s Personal Jesus starts some minutes later the whole beautiful mindful circus. The song reminded me immediately of my teenage times, when I listened to this track over and over from the LP in our living room. Loudly. Dancing. Jumping. So loud and intense, that the neighbours knocked at me, hammered, and then they came to stop me definitely. 🙂  And told my Mum afterwards, logically… I had to laugh so hard inside while looking at Russell coming to the stage with exactly this song. Sitting there and seeing, perceiving it was all like a dream; like a movie that you watch; like an illusion that you don’t trust. Therefore I was concentrating (centering) myself the first 3 or 4 minutes.


You know, I came to Vienna alone. I was in my hotel room alone, in the theatre/cinema, too – but there is a difference between alone and lonely. I can definitely say I was not lonely. I felt the collective energy which stayed deep in me long after the MC, which actually still remains. It was like a tribal meeting after some time we split. Meeting with Russell – one of us – who had the intention to interact, entertain and inspire. During the show we could feel not only the flow of sexuality and overall passion, but also of the intelectual and spiritual dimension. It was like a perfect combination for dramatherapy – thinking and feeling.

Russell´s exploring the audience at the beginning was a lovable part. Finding some great Jesus-like types, a gentle pregnant woman, kids in the audience that maybe… mayyybe didnt get later, why Russell is doing something with his left hand on his tight black trousers when talking about female masturbation and screaming something like „tydlydydly dydly“ 🙂 (Well, now I possibly underestimate those 11-12 year-old girls. I found my “first real” orgasm when I was about 9 – but at that time I didn’t’ know that was “it”.)


Later on Russell found also a young woman overflowing with sexual energy shining so intensively through, that she just had to show him (and all of us) her firm young breasts. Oh girl, show them to the really loved ones…* Actually you know – I have to stop by this young amazon. Russell said about her: “she finds it almost impossible not to flash” and also that it would be maybe worthy to sleep with her (lets call her Aphrodite Pandemos – AP, I dont want to use the word „her“), because it wouldn’t be much work to get AP to orgasm – which he demonstrated in a lovable (and probably very insightful) way. I didn’t perceive this as an insult. But I didn’t perceive AP’s act as only the act of pure passion, too. Some people took this all too seriously. I saw some pretty shocked faces, I felt real disgust from some of my neighbours and heard something like: “look at her, she’s ruining it here, what is she doing…“


In a way, I can understand AP. She wanted to do it (that’s why she didn´t take bra – imagine the whole process with taking the top off, the bra off…that would be sad). AP wanted to do it and she did. That’s all. She was actually braver than many other women who secretly wanted to do the same, wanted to do MORE actually. 🙂  I can also perfectly understand why Russell told AP from the stage “you have to be careful”. Yes, AP has to be careful, because sexual energy can be too strong. It can make the world split in half. It contains a bit of aggressiveness if presented this way and then… it can attract physical and mental aggressiveness from the outer world. On the one hand this is a great way to express the passion, but it wouldn’t be self-harming if made privately. The intrinsic information is – was or wasn’t she happy after doing it? Was she generally ok afterwards? These are the main questions… nothing else, especially not sanctimonious moral. You know, the energy that Russell activates when physically present IS STRONG, so these incidents happen.

The show is full of inspiration and it is perfectly connected to the music and Mr. Gee Poets part mentioned before – dynamic/calm, sexual/intelectual, spiritual/profane. Contrastful like our own lives, spiritual paths, like sex itself (soft/hard/doing it gently/intensively…). Also as a person one is full of contrasts… when I am among people (especially among men, many men) I shine like a diamond, I irradiate a lot of energy, I share it…I LOVE IT, I LOVE CARING loving sparkling INTERACTION. But when I come home – to my “self” – I am often very (physically) quiet, meditative, thinking about topics some would never choose voluntarily. 🙂 So we CAN receive the message and flow of the show in many different ways. I liked this perceptible dichotomy very much.


Russell was – the name of the show implies – talking about hero energies around us and in us… and yes, we can all be inspired by that, by the hero’s path… meeting some obstacles (external and internal), going to the place they want to be/see. And second yes – the “hero” is just a normal person, so he or she has also normal needs (every single one you can imagine) and issues. For instance one of my personal heroes and spiritually rebellious inspirers, Osho, had his issues, too… he got many cars as a gift – Rolls Royces. He liked it and you could say “Oh my God, what a jerk… he can’t be spiritual enough if he accepts such cars as a gift.“ But you know… this can happen and he can accept it. NOTHING MORE. 🙂 IT IS LIKE THAT, get over it. It is something like when Gandhi accepted the “western” treatment that he didn’t allow to accept in case of his beloved wife. It happened. You can keep it in mind, you don’t have to forget it, but – get over it. We all have some issues…

We are the same, one substance. Some of us have more intensive needs to demonstrate publicly what we think/feel is really important in the world/society. It is demonstrated THROUGH US. Like through Russell Brand, who shows us the principles of monomyth live on stage. Like through Russell Brand, who actually IS the impersonation of ZORBA THE BUDDHA type. Enjoying life, manifesting rebellious nature, but being compassionate, counscious, in a way very calm inside. Among many other things he was also critically observing the media, their gatekeeping strategies, seeing topics from more perspectives, trying to be objective, but also passionate about the personal truth.


At the end of the show, when the fans made a crowd under the stage, the energy changed a bit. People got excited in a different way, a little nervous way. I wanted to do something, which was important for me, but I didn’t feel like going to the droves. Finally I did what I wanted to do. No, I don’t have a picture with Russell, but actually I don’t need a picture of Russell and me. 🙂 I have the important picture inside of me. I think it is very important to say that Russell is a sociable person, he is interested not only in himself, but also in other people…COMpassionate. Because we really ARE ONE. 🙂 Breathing the same air, doing some same things, thinking about same topics…and my energy influences your energy. My thoughts and acts influence your thoughts and acts. My mood influences the mood of other people… the great interconnection. Butterfly effect…


Later, when people were disbanding, I saw there a girl being totally excited and happy about taking a pic with Russell. That made me happy, too! She was just shining… I caressed her and opened my arms – we hugged. In front of the cinema I felt I needed some hug also from a man, so… I went to one man in blue. “Listen… can I hug you?” I said. And he responded with spontaneous: “Yes, why not.” I could… and it was really… oh… GREAT. Thank you, you down-to-earth young man in blue. He held me strongly and gently at the same time, for a long time. The second guy standing there with him said: “Why is it always him?” So I hugged him, too… not from compassion, there IS LOVE FOR EVERYONE, PEOPLE. LITERALLY, THERE IS. There is enough for everyone. Let us just SHARE IT.


I left them and went for a little walk ending in front of my hotel looking at some pretty phallic statues (look up). Sitting, breathing deeply. I went to my room later, but as I was pumped with so much energy, I couldn’t sleep. So I set forth to the reception to flirt a little with a young and very amenable receptionist…. Then I came back to the room and spent a lot of time at the beautiful terrace with the view to Stephansdom and the whole centre of my beloved Vienna. Magical moments. I could sleep at about 2.30 and I woke up unexpectedly at 6.30, the sun was greeting me. I can tell you about what I did after, but I can show you that, too.. The spiritual and emotional effect of MC was officially framed (just as the show was framed with Personal Jesus song). At 9.18 I caught my train back to the Czech Republic without any problems and continued straight on to a conference about expressive therapies, meeting people from all around the globe. AND NOW I MET YOU. The life goes on, dear ones. The life goes on and time can be only a category, but the fact is that it is telling us at least “tic tac tic tac”. I have chosen my heroes. You?

Thank you for reading this. It means you are a brave hero-reader. 🙂 It means we have something in common.* (a lot actually 🙂 )


My next post will be about different types of lies in our lives and what we can learn from Egyptian mythology about it… If you are interested in topics like society, myths, game that people play, games that media play, spirituality in everyday life and similar…be with me next time, too, and we can discuss and share out thoughts. I am looking forward to it. L.*